Did the heavy snowfall we had last week affect my business? Not at all!

Did the heavy snowfall we had last week affect my business?

Snow day. I can work at home.

Did the heavy snowfall we had last week affect my business?

I realized during the heavy snowfall how lucky I am to be able to work my business anywhere, especially at home, and at any time regardless of the weather. Looking outside at the heavily laden blanket of snow surrounding the neighborhood gave me a sense of peace and appreciation for the beautiful landscape of white snow. Even our vehicles were totally covered with the white stuff…
But wait! Crunch crunch crrrrrrrrunch! I suddenly heard rapid scraping sounds as a neighbor started to frantically shovel his driveway. He was in a hurry to get to work. Finally, when he cleared the driveway, he turned to the next task; brushing off the snow with a broom and laboriously scraping his windshield and windows….
Next came the struggle to unlock his door by spraying his locks with de-icing solution and prying his door open with a thin crowbar….You get the picture…he was stressed!
My teenage son muttered under his breath when he heard on the radio that schools were still open. He wistfully hoped for a snow day, a day off from school, but he resigned himself to facing the cold elements and the snowy, icy path to school.
Outside I heard the spinning of tires on the icy, wet driveway of my neighbor. I stood up to watch his struggles contemplating that I should offer to help him by pushing his car if he didn’t succeed to get to the paved road after a few more attempts. Luckily, slid his car with spinning tires to the road.
It was not over yet for him….he still had to face the perilous drive to work on icy roads with many other stressed drivers!
I sighed with relief and sat in my comfortable leather chair in my home office. I was dressed in my pajamas and warm robe and took a long sip of my hot brewed coffee. I opened my laptop and started my short day of business tasks feeling relaxed and full of energy.
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