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Welcome to Financial Freedom Seekers, the premier online resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom. As the owner of your own home-based business you will be able to make your own decisions, without having the terms of your life dictated by someone else’s schedule. It is easy to dream about being your own boss, but it can be difficult to get a new business off the ground. By starting with an already proven market, you will dramatically increase your chances for success. We are here to offer that market to you.

At Financial Freedom Seekers, we look deep into the tactics entrepreneurs can use to ensure positive results, and we help you to employ them in strategic ways, using a framework that makes this system easy to follow. When you are ready to generate more income and more traffic, come to us for the advice and guidance you’ll need. We’d like to tell you more about the proven marketing strategies we will use to help you generate revenue and build customer loyalty. From increasing income through upselling to back end sales, we will cover it all with you.

If you are ready to become a Wi-Fi Millionaire, this is the program for you, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This program’s affiliates are making six-figures around the world, and you could be their next big success story. You don’t need to have a marketing degree or experience to make this work. Anyone who has a vision of a new lifestyle and the drive and desire to achieve it can make this happen. Whether your venture is brand new or you are already established, we can help you to grow. To enjoy a business model that will support your lifestyle, reach out to us today.

Rookie Profit System

Rookie Profit System

All I had to do was send leads and this “Done For You” system did the rest.

The company behind this system built the websites, fulfilled the products, and sold my leads into higher priced programs that I got a commission on.


Every time they closed a sale for me, I made a BIG commission of $1,250 to $10,000 per sale… sometimes more!

The Rookie Profit System works well for beginners because most of the work is Done For You.

All you have to do is send leads…

… you don’t have to sell anything or cold-call people

… this is not MLM

… it doesn’t require an email list

… you don’t need any marketing or business experience

… and you don’t need to know how to code, build websites, or use complicated software.

Here is what’s included:

Instant access to the proven Rookie Profit System
Done-For-You sales funnels
Access to a 21-Step training platform
Done-For-You high-ticket sales made FOR YOU
Done-For-You product fulfillment, payment processing and customer support
Personal 1-on-1 Coaching



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The 10 Questions

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Our Story

First, I’d like to share my story and the roads I’ve travelled.   I am married with a beautiful wife, 3 children, and 2 grandchildren.

With a Master of Education Degree in Leadership and Counselling, I enjoyed a successful career of 30 years in the public school system with many challenges and positive rewards.  I have worked mostly with high-risk adolescents and adults.  I have also coached gymnastics, swimming, and martial arts.

My passion has always been to guide my students to make positive choices and experience success by nurturing strengths that they never knew they had.  I learned that deep down everybody wants success and my ability to motivate others has been my strength.

I finally discovered that I was starting to burn out from increasing demands and stress of my job with no extra pay.  I wanted to find an opportunity that I could do from home or anywhere in the world that gave me financial freedom and time freedom.  I wanted to create a legacy for my family.   That is when I discovered Online Business Marketing!

This business has allowed me to work from home, and I am earning more now than before I took my early retirement.  My wife, Daisy, and I enjoy travelling often to our summer home in the Philippines with our son and enjoy travelling to other parts of the world.  We can literally do this business anywhere…in Mexico at a beach resort or at home in the garden, etc.

The secret is to never give up and keep building the business. The system works!

My passion now is to inspire and teach others how to fulfill their dreams and change their lives in many positive ways.  I am dedicated to encouraging and helping others to do the same!

I’m so excited for the opportunity to grow this business and reach out to people like you who are just getting started so I can show you that this is REAL and it can work for you too!


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